My First 5k

Finished my second 5k today. The first mile was brutal!! I cried twice! I was seriously considering quitting. Then I told myself just 10 more feet. Soon enough that 10 feet turned in to just one more mile. It was an amazing feeling crossing that line. I had two people join me for the last tenth of a mile. They peeled off as I was getting ready to cross the line because as they said "This is your moment" It was my moment and so much more than that. I pushed myself so hard today. At the start I was going to try to finish at under 1:15, but I crushed that shit and crossed at 1:04:09. I've already signed up for my next 5k in two weeks also!! If you would've asked me a month ago if this was possible I would've laughed at you. However as my therapist has said to me time and time again, "Why wait, live your life now" Which is so true, if I would've waited to lose more weight, or this or that I wouldn't know how capable I am right now!! Even though this page is about my weight loss journey, I hope that this inspires you to find any aspect of your life you want to improve and go for it!! I'm not special, so the drive I have is in you as well!!