My Path In Life

This quote is exactly the path my life is taking me. I've never felt better about myself, and in turn I'm letting my light shine brightly. I've just strung together probably the three best days I've had in my life. No worries, no stress, just living in the moments, and enjoying the company I'm in. I'm less worried about being taken advantage of, or being called names. Now I just want to enjoy the little time I have left on this spaceship rock we are all flying on.It's amazing what happened when I stopped worrying about living, and just started to have RAW Xperiences ... See what I did there? Hehe Love, light, health, happiness, joy, bliss, and all the good stuff to you all.


“Remember to keep the mind free of selfishness. Have this attitude: ‘I am living for the sake of others, for the sake of the world. Because the same force that created me created everything else, I have a duty to serve others. If I don’t serve others, I don’t even need to live in this world.’ Become service-oriented, service-motivated. That way you can have your house, your food, your clothes, your sleep, but, ultimately, you realize: Why do I eat? I eat to gain enough energy to serve others. I sleep to get a good rest so that I can wake up and serve others. I live in a house because I need shelter to sleep comfortably, to eat, and then to serve others.” – Sri Swami Satchidananda -